Was Bengals QB Joe Burrow called ugly on ‘ManningCast’?


Bengals QB Joe Burrow joined the “ManningCast” on “Monday Night Football” to have some fun and talk football. Instead, he seemed to get insulted in a girl’s confusing love letter for him.

The 21-year old Haven Wolfe professed her love for Burrow on a viral video after she had her wisdom teeth removed. “I know he’s got a girlfriend, and I’m happy for him, but I’m not happy for me,” Wolfe said sobbing. “He’s talented, and let’s be honest, I go for ambition, not look.”

Eli Manning asked Burrow: “Is this flattering to you or is this an insult?”

“Sounds like I’m being called ugly there, if you ask me,” Burrow responded. “Yes, I am ambitious.”

Peyton Manning chimed in saying, “No doubt about that. Nobody can ever say you’re not ambitious, Joe. Don’t ever let them take that from you, buddy.”

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