Walmart condemns ‘inhuman, horrific’ Hamas attack, pledges $1m. to MDA


In the face of ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, the Walmart Foundation has taken a strong stance in support of humanitarian efforts, pledging to donate $1 million to Magen David Adom to support the organization and its efforts to save lives. The company announced this move in a statement sent out on Friday to Walmart associates and partners.

“As you all know, throughout these horrific and inhuman attacks by Hamas, Magen David Adom (MDA) has played a critical role in providing medical aid to victims. To show support for all persons affected by these tragedies in the region, the Walmart Foundation is committing $1 million in funding to MDA for emergency services to save lives,” the statement read.

Walmart’s commitment to aiding those in need extends beyond its contribution to MDA. Last week, the Walmart Foundation pledged an additional $1 million grant to the U.S. Holocaust Museum, showing the company’s dedication to supporting initiatives that promote understanding and commemorate historical atrocities.

In addition to these donations, Walmart is actively involving its employees in humanitarian efforts by encouraging associates to contribute to charitable causes. Walmart will match employee donations, with the potential to contribute up to $3 million in the United States, providing critical support to organizations involved in humanitarian relief.

Walmart has several business ties to Israel via its Israel-based Walmart Global Tech branch. Referring to its employees working in Israel, Walmart has extended its support, offering access to counseling services and providing meal allowances. Additionally, associates are encouraged to work from home as needed, ensuring their safety and peace of mind during the ongoing conflict.

The logo of Walmart is pictured outside a store in Mexico City, Mexico July 27, 2023. (credit: REUTERS/HENRY ROMERO)

Walmart: we are part of Israeli tech ecosystem

“These attacks have directly and tragically impacted us, our friends and our families. But Walmart Global Tech Israel is not alone. We are part of a resilient Israeli tech ecosystem that stands strong and proud during these tough times, and we are part of a global Walmart family who share the same values and commitment to our customers, members and one another. It is these characteristics that strengthen us, even at times of great difficulty,” the statement read.

“In these days of heartbreak and uncertainty, I am thankful and proud of our teams in Israel who, despite everything, continue to support each other as one Walmart family. This is who we are and how we will prevail,” the statement continued. “Our hearts go out to colleagues, partners, and the communities in which we serve and live.”

Walmart is invested in several Israeli tech companies, including Team8, and has acquired several more in the past 5 years.

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