‘Waiting for You at the End:’ Yuval Dayan releases new Gaza war song


Against the backdrop of the Gaza war, Yuval Dayan releases a new song titled “Keep Your Heart,” which she wrote and composed alongside Patrick Sebag, who produced the music.

Dayan shared that the song was born out of a meeting with a bereaved mother who requested a song capturing the situation and the power of togetherness. Dayan took some time to reconnect with music since the war began, never considering releasing a new song. Instead, she found solace in connecting with fighters, wounded individuals, evacuees, and finding comfort in consoling those in mourning. Each encounter became a world of its own, providing immense inspiration.

Dayan’s meeting with the bereaved mother left a profound impact, causing her to reevaluate and appreciate the power of music. This heartfelt song is dedicated to the grieving mother and serves as a tribute to the shared spirit of the times.

Let’s listen to the song:


If the light goes out between us, it will reignite in its place

If the sea becomes entangled between us,


We will navigate away and return in due time

Let the sadness peel away, aiding its passing

If you are unsure,

I will provide you with reasons, just take care of this heart

Remember the good because I promise to protect us,

I will not leave

Just trust this heart, focus on the girls because

I promise to safeguard us

I won’t leave because I promise to patiently await your return

If everything crumbles between us, 

We will cling to the walls

If the day turns against us,

Believe in the good and with time, 

The sadness will fade away

Help it pass, if you’re uncertain,

I’ll send you reasons

Simply take care of this heart, remember the good

Because I promise to keep us safe,

I won’t leave

Trust this heart, focus on the girls because 

I promise to protect us

I won’t leave because I promise to patiently await your return.

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