Virgin Atlantic implements Payment Orchestration with CellPoint


Virgin Atlantic is implementing CellPoint Digital’s Payment Orchestration Platform. The aim is to “set new benchmarks for efficiency and customer satisfaction in the airline industry’s payment landscape”.

Virgin Atlantic Airlines and its affiliated tour operator, Virgin Atlantic Holidays, have teamed up with payment solutions provider CellPoint Digital. The full implementation of CellPoint Digital’s Payment Orchestration Platform is designed to ensure seamless and secure payment transactions for travellers and to “set new benchmarks for efficiency and customer satisfaction in the airline industry’s payment landscape”.

By partnering with CellPoint Digital, Virgin Atlantic aims to see reduced transaction costs by leveraging intelligent routing capabilities, gain more control over payment processes and acquirer relationships, and centralise management of the entire payment ecosystem through a single unified platform.

“CellPoint Digital has enabled us to transform our business,” said Yasin Demir, Head of Distribution & Payments, Virgin Atlantic. “Now that we have been able to use multiple acquirers at one time, we have been able to diversify our risk, reduce cost, and optimise our payments strategy.”

Payment Orchestration provides a single platform that reduces complexity and gives Virgin Atlantic more control and visibility into its payment processes. CellPoint Digital’s platform also allows the airline to dynamically route its transactions to its preferred acquirers, quickly add new acquirers and streamline its cross-border payments, all of which help to mitigate costs and diversify risk.

“Virgin Atlantic are high-performing, global enterprises with a reputation for innovation – ideal candidates for Payment Orchestration,” said Kristian Gjerding, Chief Executive Officer, CellPoint Digital. “With this solution in place, we can expect to drive significant cost reductions, improved conversion rates and eventually the swift and seamless introduction of new payment methods.”

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