Vince McMahon to return to WWE despite new allegations?


Vince McMahon retired as chairman and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment nearly five months ago amid a sexual misconduct scandal, but the old boss may be back in the building soon.

A story that was published in the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday detailed new sexual assault allegations that McMahon is facing from two women. One of the women, former WWE referee Rita Chatterton, sent a letter to McMahon’s legal team last month seeking $11.75 million in damages. Chatterton alleged McMahon raped her in a limousine 30 years ago.

A separate email that was sent to McMahon’s representative last month alleged the 77-year-old assaulted a spa manager at a California resort in 2011. 

Despite the new allegations and the hush money scandal that was reported over the summer, sources told the WSJ that McMahon has “told people that he intends to make a comeback at WWE.” McMahon feels he followed bad advice when he stepped down and that the allegations would have blown over if he remained in his position.

McMahon has also reportedly told people close to him that he will not pay settlements to Chatterton or the former spa manager.

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