US flag set afire, call for death to US, Hezbollah flag at NYC protest


The US flag was set on fire to calls of “Death to America” during the pro-Palestinian worldwide protest in New York City on Monday, according to footage released by journalists, activists, and pro-Palestinian organizations. 

The American flag of a counter-protester was set on fire and had to be put out by nearby police officers, according to footage published by the Independent journalist going by the handle Luis Documents.

Moments after the fire was extinguished, a masked man emerged from the crowd to scream “Death to America.” The same man has also been seen in a Frontlines Turning Point USA video shouting “Death to America, death to Israel.”

A protester burned another American flag in front of Borough Hall as demonstrators chanted “Shut it down,” according to a video published by journalist Katie Smith.

Pro-Palestinian activists continued to decry the United States in a video by right-wing political activist Laura Loomer, who told her, “America is a terrorist state.” Another man held up an Israeli flag riddled with holes.

Further, New York Anti-Israel protesters were seen with terrorist organization paraphernalia in several of the videos, including a woman with a Hezbollah flag. The woman was seen waving the flag in the Luis and Frontlines footage, and the pro-terrorism activist waved the flag in Loomer’s face in her video.

Loomer also highlighted that one man was wearing a green Hamas bandana, one was in a red keffiyeh, and a Hamas bandana was seen by a Freedom News journalist being arrested by the police.

The pro-Palestinian group Within Our Lifetime posted a video on Telegram of demonstrators calling for the Intifada as they marched through the city and chanted “Long live the intifada.”

Protesters marched on the New York Stock Exchange, Broadway, Barclay’s Center, Borough Hall, and through City Point Mall. In front of Borough Hall, a protester held up a sign depicting a person with a rifle, with the title “Bring the Genocide Home.”

Within Our Lifetime stated that dozens of its members were arrested, including their leader Nerdeen Kiswani. She was released later that night to a mob with red flares, and to the background of a Hezbollah flag. She immediately led a chant declaring “There is only one solution, Intifada revolution.”

New York Police Department Deputy Commissioner Kaz Daughtry said that the force has zero tolerance to lawlessness and plots to sow chaos.

“Yet another organized, coordinated attempt to shut down critical infrastructure,” Daughtry wrote on X on Monday. “Disrupting the evening rush hour commute while hard-working New Yorkers are trying to get home from work? Completely unacceptable!”

Kiswani mocked Daughtry on social media, saying that the march continued after she was arrested and that the arrests caused greater traffic congestion.

“You wasted city resources, time, and didn’t even achieve your goal of stopping us [because] you’ll never be able to,” said Kiswani.

The pro-Palestinian activist was arrested also on Saturday, accusing the NYPD of tearing off her Hijab during detainment. The NYPD denied the allegations.

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