Uniquely Themed Chocolate Bars : Compartés Summer Chocolate Bars

An innovative brand focused on decadence, Compartés specializes in gourmet chocolates. It crafts uniquely themed bars that capture the essence of the sun-kissed season. From America to Europe, each delectable piece is a testament to the vibrant flavors and refreshing indulgence of summer.

With a philosophy of merging “the realms of chocolate, art, style, design, and fashion,” Compartés captures broader trends and transmits them into chocolates. As such, Compartés has unveiled four new chocolate bars that specifically resonate with summer themes and trends, offering consumers an engaging experience as they indulge in the world of sweets.

The new collection of summer chocolate bars features Espresso Martini, Cowboy Crunch, Croissant, and Pistachio. These four distinctive bars carry intention. From a viral hit song that pairs well with an elegant drink to the Summer Olympics, each bar has a purpose and reflects the contemporary.

Image Credit: Compartés

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