Unique Limited-Edition Spirits : Master Blender’s Selection

Hennessy’s Master Blender’s Selection No 5 is the latest spirit in the brand’s limited-edition series. This release follows a three-year hiatus.

The Master Blender’s Selection series honors the artisans behind Hennessy’s eaux-de-vie. The new release, crafted under the expertise of Eight Generation Master Blender Renaud Fillioux de Gironde, features a unique blend that will not be replicated. Master Blender’s Selection No 5 combines eaux-de-vie selected for their exceptional qualities, aged for at least seven years in French oak barrels. The result is a cognac with complex aromas of spice, candied orange, cocoa, and sweet spices, with a creamy and smooth palate. This cognac is ideal for enjoying neat or on the rocks.

The cognac’s limited availability, unique production process, and the prestige associated with the Hennessy brand add to its appeal, making it a sophisticated choice for both connoisseurs and those seeking a special gift.

Image Credit: Hennessy

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