Under Armour Next 8th Grade Game: Top performers


ORLANDO, Fla. — Prior to Tuesday’s Under Armour Next All-America Game, the eighth grade all-stars from around the country participated in the Under Armour Next 8th Grade Game. Check out a few of the prospects who could become major college football recruits down the road.


It’s always hard for quarterbacks to perform at a high level in all-star game situations and it’s even harder without much practice time to sync up with receivers. Peyton Houston did an admirable job of distributing the ball accurately and on time.

He saw the defense well and understood where the throwing windows would be. At 5-foot-11, the Louisiana native could also move well enough to evade oncoming pass rushers.



The Team Moore defensive line was fairly dominant throughout the game but Khyren Haywood flashed multiple times. He got into the backfield with relative ease, using a combination of strength and quickness.

Listed at 6-foot-2 and 220 pounds, Haywood was already one of the bigger linemen in this all-star setting and has a chance to be a heavily recruited prospect.



Zane Rowe was only targeted a couple times but he’ll be a name to remember. The tight end is listed at 6-foot-5 and showed impressive agility and athleticism in the open field. It will be interesting to see how he develops as he gets older because he does have a skillset that could lead to success on the defensive side of the ball as well.



JR Harris opened the game leading Team Moore down the field, putting a score on the board early. Throughout the game Harris showed poise when rushed, great footwork moving around the pocket and was able to escape the rush when needed.

Keeping his eyes downfield, Harris was able to keep plays alive finding his receivers to help move the chains.



On the first play of the game, Ethan Feaster hauled in a pass from Harris, exerting his dominance early. Feaster has soft hands, a quick burst and can drag defenders for extra yards after contact.

The talent is there now with an unlimited ceiling. Feaster has the look of a future Rivals250 prospect. Feaster opened the second half with an explosive play moving Team Moore outside the 20-yard line.



Even the casual fan watching the game had to notice T.K. Cunningham. He made noise in the first half with a big hit, punishing Team Moore ball carriers. On passing downs, Cunningham kept putting pressure on the quarterbacks, getting guys off their point and forcing them to pull the ball down or take the sack.



Micah Fleming

Defenses for both teams in the second half started tightening up and making big plays. One of the impact players for Team Smith in the second half was Micah Fleming. Fleming had two big picks in the game, helping his squad secure the win.

Fleming showcased fluid hips and quickness in keeping up with receivers. His second interception in the game was all about his awareness and route recognition.

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