Twice Dippable Chips : new Double Dippable Chips

Hormel Chili is finally putting the double-dipping conundrum to bed with the debut of new Double Dippable Chips.

Just as the name suggests, Hormel’s new Double Dippable Chips are chips that have been specially designed to be dipped twice. The chips were created as part of a collaboration between Hormel Chili and a Minnesota-based specialty foods producer. Together, the two brands created a circular chip with a unique perforation down the center. This allows each person to break their chip in half after the first dip so they can go in for a second scoop. As the brand writes online: “These chips allow you to take two dips with one chip and never worry about the social faux pas of double-dipping again. So dip once, dip twice, and maybe just never stop dipping.”

To celebrate the launch of this culinary innovation, Hormel is giving away limited quantities of Hormel Chili Double Dip Kits at

Image Credit: Hormel

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