Top 45 Kitchen Trends in August

The August 2023 kitchen trends showcase recent innovations in the industry. Some entirely new, while some are older trends that continue to evolve as product design improves. This list includes appliances, renovations, designs, and more, each of which pertains to the modern kitchen.

The Desliz faucet is the near embodiment of the modern minimalist kitchen sink. This faucet features a click-knob for changing the temperature rather than a traditional sliding lever. There is a second knob that controls the waterflow, making this a simple, intuitive, and artistic faucet for any kitchen.

One headline-making product from the past month is the DUOBO by LG Labs. This is an at-home DIY barista-style coffeemaker that allows coffee lovers to mix-and-match flavored pods to craft unique and one-of-a-kind blends. For example, customers could mix a deep almond coffee with a light blueberry coffee, if desired, creating an entirely new blend to try each day.

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