Top 40 Watches Trends in September

The September 2023 watches trends include products from various sectors of the industry, such as the high-end luxury, the smartwatch, the affordable watch, and the sustainable watch spaces. These examples highlight some of the most notable releases in the past month.

The Neon Project watch from the Artisans de Genève is a timepiece that demonstrates the pinnacle of modern craftsmanship. It is based on the Rolex Daytona 116508, but with various modifications made to the design, such as the immediately apparent inclusion of Billight bioluminescent materials, or the exquisite attention to detail.

In the smartwatch space, NanoRobotGeek developed a DIY Apple Watch made out of electronic waste products. This upcycled e-waste timepiece is fully functional, despite its makeshift nature. The creator has a 25-minute video on the process where he demonstrates the importance of sustainability and e-waste recyclability in the smartwatch and technology spaces as a whole.

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