Top 35 Eco Transportation Trends in July

As we move into the hotter months in North America, the July 2024 eco transportation trends show that there is an increased interest in micromobility solutions around this time. Several high-profile releases from ebikes to hydrogen-powered vans were released this past month, bringing new options for consumers and brands interested in these solutions.

For example, the HYRYD bike from HydroRide made headlines as a highly efficient, yet cost-effective, hydrogen-powered ebike. This bike uses hydrogen fuel cells capable of being fully replaced in just ten seconds while the company includes a hydrogen generator that can produce up to 20 grams of hydrogen in just a few hours, meaning riders have nearly no downtime, if desired.

For consumers who need a larger full-size vehicle for the utility, the Vauxhall Mokka Hybrid is a long-lasting crossover with a battery that achieves more than 200km of range per charge before swapping to its gas-powered reserves. This means that for most regular use cases, gasoline is almost never required.

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