Top 100 Pets Trends in 2023

While the wellness industry is already a billion-dollar industry for consumers, the space still has plenty of room to grow when it comes to your favorite furry friends. And, as the 2023 pet trends demonstrate, many brands are already establishing their niche in this growing sector.

While there has been an increased focus on pet nutrition in recent years, 2023 saw the rise of even more health-forward pet foods. For instance, Bundle x Joy is an example of a new pet food line that works with experienced nutritionists who help to craft its formulas and then further personalize them for your specific pet. Another example is Noochies!, which is a new brand from CULT Food Science Corp that makes use of Bmmune – a patent-pending animal-free ingredient that shares high-quality, sustainable proteins and nutritional benefits that rival conventional meat.

Of course, wellness doesn’t stop at the doggy dish. The 2023 pet trends also saw the rise of several brands focused on using more natural ingredients in pet products. Just take the case of Earth Rated. Earth Rated has created hypoallergenic dog wipes that are dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free, and certified compostable.

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