Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in February

The February 2024 lifestyle spotlights both high-tech and low-tech solutions to everyday needs.

Artificial intelligence certainly takes the front seat this month with a slew of AI-powered services. Koi Suru AI, for instance, is a new Japanese smartphone app from Tapple that attentively simulates the dating experience. Love Locket AI, on the other hand, figures as a social media compatibility tester. AI is also making strides in the health and wellness space with tech-driven apps like Yuna which can track emotions and help users overcome daily struggles.

The February 2024 lifestyle round-up also spotlights some pretty impressive and aesthetically driven branding campaigns. Sir Kensington’s ‘Bring Taste to Space’ is a playful campaign that aims to highlight the otherworldly flavors of the brand’s condiments. Calling attention to Sir Kensington’s Classic Mayo, Chipotle Mayo, Avocado Oil Mayo, and Chili Lime Crema Everything Sauce, the campaign figures as a Proposal Pack for a particular space agency and its future missions.

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