Top 100 Eco Transportation Trends in 2023

These 2023 eco transportation trends range from high speed e-boats to eco electric camping trailers.

Performance Marine Yachting’s ‘e801’ electric boat is a notable example with impressive speed capabilities. Showcased at the Austrian Boat Show, the boat features an Evoy electric motor generating 300+ kilowatts and hits over 50 knots (92.5 km/h), the equivalent to 400+ horsepower. The boat features a waterproof battery system and redefines speed possibilities for electric water cruisers.

Other notable examples include Ride1Up’s 700-Series e-bike which is affordable with dependable components, offering a fully-equipped commuter bike with a stylish aluminum frame, 720Wh integrated battery, color display, and clean cable design. Another example, The Colorado Teardrops Electric Classic camping trailer, offers two variants, EC-2 and EC-4, that are both designed for outdoor travel. Both feature concealed battery systems to provide off-grid living amenities and enough power to function as a backup supply for a day in an average US home.

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