Top 100 DIY Trends in 2023

These 2023 DIY trends range from illustrated kombucha guides to entry level 3D printers.

Those who love to entertain or cook at home will love FarmSteady’s illustrated kombucha guide that is designed as a companion to its Kombucha Making Kit. Authored by Erica Shea and Stephen Valand, founders of FarmSteady, it features over 40 recipes and detailed home brewing instructions, complementing the kit perfectly. ‘That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life’ is another fan favorite. The DIY cheese board book by Marissa Mullen, features her innovative Cheese By Numbers™ method for creating stunning cheese arrangements and offering a useful guide for crafting visually appealing and delicious cheese boards.

Other 2023 DIY trends include designer-friendly products like the KOKONI EC2, a user-friendly 3D printer, designed to minimize size and cost, and as an affordable option for DIYers working at home. With advanced features and accessibility in mind, it offers a vast model gallery, AI-generated designs, and improved printing speeds, following up on KOKONI’s EC1 model success.

For more DIY innovations in the year ahead, check out our 2024 Trend Report.

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