Top 100 Design Trends in 2023

These 2023 design trends celebrate nostalgia and range from fan-made digital audio players to minimalist mobile device concepts. While the Nothing Npod (1) by Shreyansh Onial and Aditya Pandharpureis is a sleek device reminiscent of the iconic iPod Shuffle, the 0/1 phone concept is a minimalist foldable device conceived by Andrea Mangone. This conceptual device is promotes digital detox and is designed to offer a dual-mode functionality with a distraction-free interface.

When it comes to notable furniture design examples, MarkVonRama’s sneaker-inspired chairs stand out. The innovative chairs pay homage to iconic Jordan and Nike designs, merging fashion with functionality.

Other examples of innovative furniture include the ‘PRISOOM’ table by LG and KOREA DESIGN MEMBERSHIP PLUS. The mobile serving table caters to the dynamic needs of house parties, aligning perfectly with the lifestyles of Millennials and Generation Z.

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