Top 100 Computers Trends in 2023

As we move into 2024 and analyze the 2023 computers trends, we can see that this year can be categorized as one filled with innovation, efficiency, and market expansion. As processing power in most computers surpasses the needs of regular consumers, businesses this year have focused on efficiency, portability, and other value-adds.

Take the ROG Ally from ASUS for example. This is a handheld gaming PC that weighs only 1.3lbs and is designed to operated in the user’s hands, similar to a gaming console like a Nintendo Switch. However, the ROG Ally is deceptive as it is a full-power Windows-based desktop computer; ASUS has simply managed to store enough power for office work, video editing, and high-powered gaming into a compact, and silent, shell. This is only one example of handheld innovation this year, as many other companies have entered the same space, such as Lenovo with the LEGION GO, or new releases from long-time competitors such as the AYANEO KUN from AYANEO, or the Steam Deck OLED from Valve.

Aside from size efficiency, many of the innovations this year focused on power and noise reduction. One example that showcases the best of both of these trends is the ExpertCenter PN42. This is a miniature PC that fits in the palm of one’s hand, yet still has enough interface options to connect to several monitors and a full suite of peripherals, essentially making it a full-fledged PC in a tiny box. Despite its compact size, this mini PC has a fully fanless design, using only heatsinks to safely dissipate the heat generated by the processor.

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