Timothée Chalamet faces backlash for anti-Hamas SNL skit


Despite its small geographical size, Israel plays a significant role in the Middle East and frequently captures global attention. The ongoing Swords of Iron War, initiated after the October 7 massacre, not only dominates local news but also features prominently in international media.

SNL, short for “Saturday Night Live,” stands as a prestigious platform in the realm of Hollywood entertainment, hosting the hottest celebrities. During last week’s episode, Hollywood actor Timothée Chalamet took the stage, and amidst various sketches, one in particular drew significant attention.

So, what did the sketch portray?

The sketch portrayed a failed musician contemplating suicide on a building’s edge. Three bystanders intervened, promising to share the musician’s terrible music online. The punchline came when the musician revealed his band’s name, a reference to the ongoing conflict in Israel: “My band is called H A M A S,” spelling out the name of the controversial organization. The bystanders retorted, “Brother, we are not sharing a Hamas song.”

This joke drew severe criticism from pro-Palestinian netizens who accused the show of making light of the situation in Gaza. One commenter expressed disgust, stating, “To laugh at the genocide happening at this moment? People are dying every second of the day. These people are so repulsive and sick.”

Is Chalamet a Zionist?

Another critic connected Chalamet’s personal life, claiming that he and his girlfriend are “Zionists,” evident from the pro-Israeli story Kylie Jenner uploaded. The reference was made to her now-deleted Instagram post supporting Israel.

Critics questioned the show’s seemingly casual approach to the deaths of over 5,000 children, emphasizing their Palestinian identity. However, some commenters neglected to acknowledge the children affected by actions of Hamas, including those killed in their homes or taken to Gaza.

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