Ticket prices skyrocket as LeBron approaches scoring record


LeBron James is on track to pass Kareem Abdul Jabbar for basketball’s all-time scoring record next Tuesday and ticket prices are soaring.

James could break the record against the Pacers this evening, but that would require the second-most points in a game in NBA history.

He probably won’t score 89 points tonight but at his current scoring average this season (30.2), he’ll reach that mark against Oklahoma City in Los Angeles next Tuesday.

According to Tick Pick, the most expensive ticket is $117,000. The cheapest ticket is $376.

Tickets for the next two Lakers games — tonight at Indiana and on Saturday at New Orleans — are as low as $74 and $80, respectively.

If James does break the scoring record against the Thunder, that $376 price tag would be a steal. The Lakers follow their game with Oklahoma City with one at home against Milwaukee on Feb. 9 and the cheapest tickets are $488, per Tick Pick.

The closer James gets to the scoring record, the more the cost of tickets will escalate. In a couple of days, these prices might look like bargains. It also means there will inevitably be people who fork over thousands of dollars for a chance to witness history only to be disappointed.

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