The video doesn’t lie: Jets QB Zach Wilson stinks


Jets QB Zach Wilson threw for 317 yards and two touchdowns in a loss to the Lions on Sunday, suggesting there are reasons for optimism regarding the beleaguered second-year quarterback.

But there’s little evidence that Wilson is a good quarterback or can become one. In 21 NFL starts, he has more interceptions (17) than touchdown passes (15). 

Game video reveals Wilson’s glaring flaws. Here he misses a wide-open receiver, a frequent occurrence: 

Wilson’s good outcomes are so rare that it’s reasonable to address that luck is involved in some of them. 

Jets head coach Robert Saleh recently insisted Wilson will become a good quarterback. 

In the Jets’ ideal world, he will stop drifting back in clean pockets. He will stop taking needless sacks — he lost a league-worst 370 yards due to sacks in 2021. 

He will stop throwing balls behind receivers. Maybe he will improve on his career 55.4% completion percentage, which is slightly worse in 2022 (54.9%). 

While the potential for Wilson to become”‘good” is not an impossibility, the prospects of stardom for the former second-overall draft pick seem slim.

Wilson adds minimal rushing value and can’t complete the layups in offensive coordinator Mike Lafleur’s offense, which requires the routine plays be made consistently. 

Starting with Thursday night’s game against Jacksonville, Wilson will have a few more opportunities to change perceptions. 

More likely, though, Wilson is another example of a quarterback misevaluation by an NFL team as well as by Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, and the other draft “gurus.” (h/t 247Sports

He looks like a bust.

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