The Startup Magazine Rich Wesselt Explains How to Give Time and not Just Money Back to Your Community


Giving back to your community is a great way to show appreciation for the place where you live and work. Whether volunteering your time or donating money, experts like Rich Wesselt in Collegeville, PA, say every bit of help goes a long way toward making your community a better place. But did you know other ways to give back beyond just money? Volunteering your time can be just as valuable, and often even more valuable than monetary donations. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to give back to your community without spending any money.

Volunteer Your Time at Local Non-Profits

Non-profits always need extra hands on deck, especially during holidays or special events. Many non-profits have volunteer programs where you can spend an hour or two helping out with whatever tasks need doing. This could mean helping with paperwork, serving food at a soup kitchen, assisting with events or fundraising drives, or providing moral support. Whatever it is you do, the non-profit will appreciate the help! Plus, volunteering doesn’t cost you anything but your time and energy (which are both invaluable!).

Donate Your Knowledge and Skills

Rich Wesselt says chances are there are people in your community who could benefit from learning something new. Consider offering free classes in skills that you possess—whether it’s painting lessons for children or web design classes for adults—and donate them to those who need them most. You could also offer tutoring services for struggling students or volunteer as a mentor who provides advice on job searching and career development. The possibilities are endless! Not only will these types of donations help improve the quality of life in your community, but they may also be tax deductible if they meet specific criteria.                                                              

Organize Community Cleanup Projects

Rich Wesselt says cleaning up parks and public spaces is one of the best ways to give back to your community without spending money. Organizing cleanups shows that you care about the environment and want to keep it clean for all who come after you. You don’t need fancy tools or equipment—simply gather garbage bags, gloves, and a few friends willing to lend a hand! Ensure everyone wears proper protective gear when handling garbage, so no one gets hurt (or sick!). If possible, try to organize larger cleanup projects in collaboration with local businesses and organizations – this will ensure that your efforts make an even more significant impact on the environment!

Donate Old Clothes and Household Goods

Doing a little spring cleaning? Donate gently used items like clothes, furniture, books, and toys instead of throwing them away. Many local charities accept donations like these that can be given away for free or sold at a reduced price to raise funds for their cause. Donating your old items can help those who need them most while reducing waste in landfills.

Mentor Someone Who Needs Help With School or Career Goals

Many young people could benefit from having someone they trust as a mentor—someone they can talk with about their goals, fears, and dreams. If you have the time and patience to commit to helping someone grow and reach their full potential, consider mentoring them through school or career-related issues. This could range from assisting them in picking the right college major or job search techniques—all things that will give them confidence for the future! 

Spend Time With The Elderly Or Disabled People In Your Community

While money is essential for many charitable causes, so is spending quality time with those who need it most—especially those who are elderly or disabled. Ask your neighborhood if anyone needs help with chores such as mowing the lawn or grocery shopping; this assistance will go a long way in making sure they feel cared for and appreciated by their community! 

The Benefits of Giving Back To Your Community

Rich Wesselt says there are many benefits to giving back to your community. Not only does it strengthen the sense of connection between you and your neighbors, but it also allows for positive change in the world around you. Plus, volunteering or donating can provide an incredible feeling of accomplishment—you’ll be helping make someone else’s life a bit better and doing something meaningful at the same time. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to give back to your community, consider one of the options above and start making a difference today!


Giving back doesn’t have to involve writing checks – plenty of other ways require no money! Volunteering at local non-profits is a great way to give back without breaking the bank; donating knowledge and skills is another fantastic way; organizing local cleanup projects is also beneficial because it helps keep our environment clean while bringing together community members who might not otherwise interact with one another. Ultimately, giving back should be about finding what works best for you – whether it’s donating time instead of money or vice versa – so find something that resonates with you and get involved! The impact you can make on your community might surprise you!

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