The international community is united in dedication to Ukraine’s recovery: UK statement to the OSCE


Thank you, Madam Chair. The UK continues to be appalled by developments on the ground in Ukraine and we reiterate our determination to ensure full accountability for those responsible. But today I would like to note some optimism emerging from the embers of Russia’s illegal war. This week Germany and Ukraine have co-hosted the 2024 Ukraine Recovery Conference. Governments and business leaders from around the world have given Ukraine an unwavering vote of confidence.

We were proud to co-host the last Recovery Conference in London last year. It engaged and mobilised partners across the international community and the private sector in support of Ukraine and announced $60bn to support Ukraine’s recovery. 

This year’s conference in Berlin has showcased Ukrainian reform progress and economic resilience. It has addressed critical areas such as energy, infrastructure, housing, and climate protection. And it has highlighted healthcare, education, environment, and gender-related aspects of the recovery challenge. It has integrated cross-cutting issues like macro-economic stability and security.

Of course, it is deeply regrettable that Russia’s war of aggression has made these commitments necessary. As of 31 December 2023, the World Bank has calculated that the total cost of reconstruction and recovery in Ukraine will be $486 billion over the next decade, up from an estimated $411bn the year before. The scale of the challenge is real and colossal. But it is surpassed by the collective resolve of Ukraine’s supporters. And by the spirit of a vibrant, dynamic, creative, European country that refuses to be subdued. 

This week in Berlin the international community has stood united in dedication to Ukraine’s swift recovery and long-term reconstruction. As the UK Foreign Secretary said “Unleashing Ukraine’s potential – that is our shared goal”. That is why the UK, and our international partners, will continue to support Ukraine to win the peace so they can build back, better and stronger.

Madam Chair, could I also take this opportunity to note the prisoner exchange announced on 31 May. That this took place was encouraging, but we were horrified at the condition of the released Ukrainian prisoners in the images that followed. I therefore reiterate my call from 23 May on Russia to abide by the laws of conflict that it helped draft.

Thank you.

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