Swallow-Friendly Pain Relievers : Tylenol Easy-to-Swallow

Tylenol Easy-to-Swallow pills are a new product from the brand for consumers who don’t like taking pills or who have a condition that makes it harder for them to swallow.

The pills are crafted with the brand’s new Gentleglide Technology that will activate upon contact with water to accommodate easy dosing when required. The pain relief pills address four areas of concern when it comes to ensuring they are swallowing-friendly including shape, size, taste and coating. Shoppers can pick up the acetaminophen pills at retailers now.

Head of Tylenol Jen Gow spoke on the Tylenol Easy-to-Swallow pills saying, “”The makers of Tylenol are solving for an unmet need. Nearly one in five people who have taken oral medications have hesitated prior to taking pills because they thought they might have trouble swallowing them. 20% of consumers who don’t like taking pills falls across all age ranges, from teenagers learning to take pills for the first time to those with pill dysphagia to those who have chronic conditions and take many pills a day—this innovation is for a wide array of people.”

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