Summertime Fruit Chewing Gums : Extra Sugarfree

Extra Sugarfree Watermelon chewing gum has been launched by the brand in the UK as its first-ever watermelon flavor that’s inspired by the changing flavor preferences of consumers. The gum boasts the distinctly fruit flavor of watermelon in every piece and responds to the increasing popularity of fruit gums. This segment is reported to have seen a 25% increase in sales and is thus catching the attention of brands as they seek to satisfy existing customers, while also draw in new fans.

Senior Brand Manager Lucy Sherlock spoke on the Extra Sugarfree Watermelon chewing gum saying, “Our new Watermelon flavour is a bold new addition to our Fruity Gum range, arriving at a time when consumer demand for fruit flavour gum is enjoying a growth period. We’ve observed a surge in the popularity of Fruity Gum, now the fastest-growing gum segment. Watermelon is our strategic response to this trend, meeting current consumer preferences whilst attracting a new, younger audience with an expanded range of fruity flavours.”

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