Strength amidst adversity: supporting vulnerable families in Syria

Human Rights

In the heart of Al Qusayr, Homs City in Syria, a resilient family clings to their home despite its battered state, a stark reminder of the ongoing 12-year-long Syrian crisis. Rabiea, a devoted mother, faces the daunting task of caring for her beloved daughter, Momena, who battles cerebral palsy and physical disabilities.

Yet, her struggles don’t end with Momena. Rabiea’s sister, Yousra, too, bears the scars of the Syrian crisis – a stroke that left her with physical disabilities. The emotional strain and stress have taken a toll on Rabiea’s health, manifesting as hypertension. With the little resources available, her prescribed daily medication became a luxury.

Ammar, the family’s 24 year old primary breadwinner, not only shoulders the responsibility of his work outside but also takes on the role of caregiver for his mother, aunt, and sister.

In this challenging environment, the EU and Medair provided essential support. Momena received a supportive wheelchair, a tool that not only helps her move but also addresses her scoliosis. The family is provided with essential items, including therapeutic beds, hygiene kits, and mobility aids.

The impact is profound. Momena, now in her wheelchair, regained a sense of independence, Rabiea learned to walk again with a rollator, while Yousra revels in the comfort of a proper bed with therapeutic pillows and a special hygiene kit.

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