State of Alabama ready to put finishing touches on best class of all time


MOBILE, Ala. — On Saturday afternoon, the Mississippi-Alabama All-Star Game will take place on the campus of South Alabama University, and while there will be a spirited effort from the Mississippi side behind a strong class in 2023 from The Magnolia State, the other side will feature arguably the strongest recruiting class either state has ever seen.

In the 2023 cycle, Alabama features 24 four-star prospects, the most in state history. It’s an honor that the large group of recruits has taken notice of as they get ready to field one of the best all-star teams the state has produced.

“I would say the same,” Clemson four-star quarterback commit Christopher Vizzina said about this being Alabama’s best class ever. “If you look at every position, there’s ACC, SEC, Power Five guys everywhere. Altogether, I think this is a really good class and the best class that Alabama has ever produced.”

The all-around talent top-to-bottom at multiple position groups is what helps the 2023 class stand out from others. Even though previous cycles had more top-end talent, such as the 2014 class having a whopping five five-stars, the talent deep into the ranks makes this cycle unique.

“I think this class is going to amount to a lot of great things here and far beyond here at the college level,” Clemson defensive line commit Peter Woods said. “We’re really deep at every position. We got DBs, we got O-line, we got multiple QBs that can get the job done.”

Something that makes the class even more special is the brotherhood that the class has within itself. Upon their arrival at the media check-in for the game on Tuesday afternoon, laughter and buzz filled the hotel lobby of the Mobile Marriott as the players from Alabama trickled in and linked up with each other.

“The talent in this state is unreal,” Alabama four-star defensive line commit Hunter Osborne said. “We all have a really good relationship whether it be playing against each other or going on visits together. It’s special to be a part of one of the best states in the country this year.”

While each position group has ballers worthy of making a case of having the strongest position group in the state, the defensive line crop easily takes the crown behind eight four-stars in the top 15 of the state rankings.

“I’m ready to just learn,” Alabama four-star defensive line commit Yhonzae Pierre said about the strong position group. “There are some moves that they can probably teach me and that I can probably teach them. Everyone is good and we have talent. When we put it together, it’s gonna be dangerous.”

Leading that charge on the defensive line will be four-star Florida commit Kelby Collins, who sees the opportunity to be a part of this 2023 class as an honor.

“I’m excited to be a part of one of the best classes in the country,” Collins said. “I’d put us against anybody. I’m really glad to be around some ballers.”

Being a part of one of the best classes in the country, in Collins’ opinion, means that this Alabama team could stack up with some of the nation’s best individual states. But if Collins could pick one to go up against, it would be the rivals to their east.

“Georgia,” he said. “They’re more of our rivals than Mississippi. I think that’d be a balanced game. That’s a game that everyone wants to see happen one day.”

The Mississippi-Alabama All-Star Game will kickoff at 12:00 p.m. CT from Hancock-Whitney Stadium on the campus of South Alabama University in Mobile, Ala. and will be live-streamed on

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