Spice-Focused Food Menus : Hot & Spicy menu

The Newk’s Hot & Spicy menu is being offered for the new year as a way to help patrons beat the winter weather with a warming snack or meal. The menu includes four options to choose from like the Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich, Hot Honey Italian Pizza, Spicy BBQ Chicken Ranch Salad and the Spicy Jalapeño Ranch Salad. Each of the options are packed with flavor and spicy notes to make them perfect for existing fans of piquant fare or newcomers to try out.

The Newk’s Hot & Spicy menu is a limited time offering that’s expected to make waves amongst foodies as preferences for spicy fare continue to increase. The balanced flavor profile of each option makes them bursting with flavor alongside the heat.

Image Credit: Newk’s Eatery

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