Social Media Reacts To New Beyoncé Wax Figure


Madame Tussauds Berlin has unveiled its latest wax figure. And it’s none other than Beyonce!

Madame Tussauds Berlin Unveiled The Wax Figure On Friday

Madame Tussauds Berlin took to its official Instagram account on Friday to share the news with social media users around the world. The brand also shared a short caption with a video of the wax figure. (The caption has been translated from German to English.)

Surprise! 🔥🥳
Yesterday in Dubai, today in Berlin! ✈️
Queen B comes to Madame Tussauds Berlin just in time for the start of the winter holidays! 🎊

Berlin loves you! Do you love Beyoncé? ❤️
Book your online tickets now and visit Bey!

Social Media Users React To The Unveiling Of The New Beyoncé Wax Figure

Social media users immediately flocked to the comment section of Madame Tussauds Berlin and The Shade Room to share their mixed reactions about the wax figure.

Some loved Madame Tussaud Berlin’s version of the star.

This is definitely hive approved


best one yet


Yes finally y’all did it right


please replace the one in orlando with an updated oneeeee 🥹🥹🫶🏾but THIS is BEAUTIFUL


10s 10s 10s across the board


Oh they did their big one on her bc them other ones be iffy


While others suggest tweaks. Or preferred previous versions released by the company.

Lil bit morre should’ve been done too the face


That’s Shakira but carry on


Almoooost but not quiet. Just needs a littleee…shaping


Almost got it right


It’s off but A for effort.

The wax figure models Beyonce’s look from a 2019 OTR II tour performance.

The Berlin Wax Figure Is The Latest Madame Tussauds Unveiled Of Beyoncé

Madame Tussaud’s Berlin wax figure is the latest that the company has unveiled of Queen Bey. In 2014, the company unveiled one in Regents Park, London.

In 2017, the company unveiled another version in New York.

The company later added adjuments to the figure.

In 2019, another version was unveiled in London.

Roommates, do you think Madame Tussauds Berlin did a great job with this one?

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