Schiphol, Avinor, Incheon and nlmtd discuss new BOOST initiative


Royal Schiphol Group, Avinor, Incheon International Airport Corporation and innovation consultancy firm nlmtd, officially unveiled a groundbreaking initiative designed to transform the future of baggage handling through robotics and automation at the recent co-located FTE EMEA and FTE Ancillary & Retailing events. The BOOST initiative has been developed in partnership with Future Travel Experience (FTE) via the Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG), of which Schiphol, Avinor and Incheon are all members. In this video interview, Wopke Dost, Programme Management Lead, nlmtd; Dennis van Kleef, Programme Lead Baggage, Royal Schiphol Group; Idar Sørgjerd, Department Manager, BHS, Tech & Op. Excellence, Avinor; and Dongmin Lim, Senior Manager BHS Engineering & Renovation, Incheon International Airport Corporation, share the vision for this pioneering collaboration and the specific technical challenges being explored to automate baggage processes.

The aim is to eliminate physical strain and improve working conditions for baggage workers by accelerating the adoption of advanced technologies. This initiative will leverage the collective innovation power of multiple airports, focusing on hands-on execution and rapid implementation of new technologies in the baggage journey.

The concept for BOOST originated during the BIWG meeting in Los Angeles in September 2023, alongside the FTE Global event. Schiphol called for collaboration, resulting in the formation of a “coalition of the willing”. The initiative has since been shaped by a diverse group of airports, ensuring its relevance and backing.

“BOOST envisions airports worldwide joining forces to innovate baggage automation,” commented Dennis van Kleef, Programme Lead Baggage, Royal Schiphol Group. “Our goal is to eliminate physical strain and transform working conditions for baggage workers. By executing pilots within a collective of airports, we aim to minimise risks, optimise costs, and achieve rapid technology implementation for all involved parties.”

BOOST will commence with three core airport partners: Schiphol, Avinor, and Incheon – all members of the BIWG. Each core member will work on a unique technical challenge, conducting onsite PoCs to test robotics and other technologies. Information and insights from these PoCs will be shared with the other core partners, allowing all to benefit from multiple tests without having to execute them independently. This collaborative approach aims to speed up the innovation process across all participating airports.

Key BOOST findings to be fed back into BIWG members’ meetings

BOOST represents a significant step forward in baggage handling innovation. As pilots progress, learnings and outcomes will be shared amongst each other, fostering a continuous exchange of knowledge and advancements within the ecosystem.

The initiative is complementary and inclusive to the BIWG, with all key findings from BOOST to be fed back into the BIWG members’ meetings. Indeed, this is the next evolution of FTE’s Innovation Communities and the industry can expect us to work in other areas of the industry soon in a similar fashion, as FTE is convinced that this unique way of working is central to advancing the real innovation needed to drive real progress in our sector.

Learn more about the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group >>

Learn more about the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group

The FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group (BIWG) brings together the most innovative and progressive baggage supply chain companies, airlines, and airports from across the industry to provide a unique platform for cooperation and industry advancement. It is the platform for developing new techniques, technologies, and business models to deliver tangible change in the baggage sector. Members regularly come together to learn from one another and collaborate on game-changing proof of concepts (POCs) to reduce costs, improve passenger experience, and test innovations. It is a genuinely engaged community and the industry’s best learning and networking platform for those serious about baggage.

Learn more about the FTE Baggage Innovation Working Group >>

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