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DICA is the beverage industry’s leading innovation community for business acceleration and business-to-business (B2B) co-creation. The DICA Acceleration & Co-Creation Program is now accepting applications for its new batch, supported by industry and innovation partners, such as the Ardagh Group, Bitburger Braugruppe, drinktec, Franken Brunnen, and INSIDE-Getränke.

The accelerator works with startups from different backgrounds on topics ranging from digital transformation in logistics and supply chains to sustainability and packaging. This year, DICA seeks new circular business models and solutions for the beverage industry.

Looking to Scale Your BevTech Solution?

As long as your BevTech solution positively impacts the beverage industry, there is potential for acceleration and co-creation with DICA and its corporate partners. This time, the accelerator program focuses on

  • Circular Economy solutions for the beverage industry
  • Digital Transformation in beverage logistics, production, or distribution
  • Sustainable Packaging for beverages
  • BevTech solutions addressing social change
  • Innovative beverages or Unique Beverage Experiences

DICA is a starting point for startups and established companies to accelerate their innovative BevTech solutions. Not only that, DICA accelerates startup teams of all stages — from idea-stage innovators to startups into the first years of operation. This significantly bridges the gap between established players and startups — a key element in addressing issues ranging from consumer behavior and sustainable change to efficient and effective digital transformation across the beverage industry.

Apply for the DICA Acceleration & Co-Creation Program to Boost Your BevTech Business

Discover how joining the DICA Acceleration & Co-Creation Program will benefit your business:

  • Pre-matching Workshops that focus on B2B Co-creation for selected startups with identifiable potential.
  • Exclusive Matching Events include the initial and mutual meetings, as well as the inclusion of startups in the upcoming DICA batch.
  • The Sounding Phase involves finalizing the co-creation potential with the support of experienced co-creation facilitators.
  • B2B Co-Creation Acceleration is startups’ development phase of the co-creation process.

Explore DICA’s Role in Scaling Innovative BevTech Startups

Successful examples from the previous batches of the DICA program clearly show that the model of acceleration & co-creation works. Learn how DICA-supported startups are transforming the BevTech industry with their innovative solutions:

  • Re:drink: This BevTech startup provides a digital beverage dispenser that acts as a platform for flavors and allows customers to personalize their drinks. Re:drink’s innovation reduces plastic consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Optiwiser A.I.: German startup Optiwiser A.I. develops a cloud-based supply chain solution Predictwiser.Cloud. The solution enables AI-driven demand planning and inventory optimization for the food and beverage industry. The startup digitizes and automates customer supply chains while eliminating food waste and stock-out situations.
  • The Smart Container Company: UK-based startup enables sustainable and technologically-advanced supply chains in the beverage industry. Its IoT device, KegTracker, instantly connects circular packaging options and uses data science and machine learning to provide beverage companies with transparency and operational excellence.
  • Nix & Kix: UK-based beverage startup offers health-conscious natural soft drinks without using refined sugars, artificial flavorings, or additives. All its drinks are vegan and low in calories — below 5g of sugar per 100ml.

Timeline for the DICA Co-Creation & Acceleration Program

  • Last date for submitting your application is 15th November!
  • Selection & Matching will take place on 13th December 2022

Initiated by the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship (SCE), DICA gives you access to industry expertise in co-creation support for startups and established companies. From understanding consumer behavior and sustainable change, DICA brings efficient and effective transformation across the beverage industry.

Ready to build or scale your solution with the DICA Co-Creation & Acceleration Program? Apply today!




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