Saving agriculture: 5 “Envelope” kibbutzim to receive long-term contract


The Israel Land Authority announced on Monday its approval of another phase within the implementation of the Eshkol outline, a joint effort with the Regional Council and the Agriculture Ministry, aimed at bolstering agriculture in the Eshkol region.

Following the recent war, the authority is offering expedited procedures to improve land rights for the kibbutzim of Nirim, Magen, Nir Oz, Urim, and Tzalim, granting each of them access to hundreds of hectares and long-term 21-year contracts for these lands. In the next phase, the land will be integrated according to the growth rate of each kibbutz.

Long-term planning

This move enables the five settlements to enhance their means of production and plan for long-term crops, such as plantations or greenhouses, as well as invest in land in a different way.

The decision marks progress in the initial phase of the Eshkol outline, which involved transferring approximately 700 hectares (1,730 acres) of seasonal land from the kibbutzim to Moshavi Pit’hat Shalom and Kibbutz Be’eri, thus increasing production capabilities and accommodating new residents.

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