Samsung Ballie AI robot ball


Samsung unveiled the new Ballie AI robot ball, at CES in Las Vegas on January 8.

Samsung introduced the new Ballie AI companion. With advanced intelligence, Ballie can come right to you and project visuals on your walls. It can also help you interact with other connected devices or turn switches on and off.

The robot, initially introduced at CES 2020, now comes with advanced features to make users’ lives more convenient.

Ballie serves as a personal home assistant, autonomously navigating through the house to handle various chores. It connects to and manages home appliances, offering assistance in various situations and learning from users’ habits for more personalized services.

Samsung Ballie AI robot ball

Additionally, Ballie ensures peace of mind by sending video updates of pets or family members to users’ devices when they’re away. The robot can also enhance the home atmosphere by setting the mood for different activities, such as projecting workout videos or playing music.

With its versatile capabilities, Ballie aims to make life at home both productive and enjoyable.

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