Retailer-Backed Image Generators : amazon 4

Amazon has entered the realm of artificial intelligence image generation with the launch of its Titan Image Generator on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) development platform, Bedrock. This innovative AI service is designed to produce high-quality, lifelike images from either text prompts or image inputs.

Operating with support for English prompts and image generation, the service accommodates maximum input text lengths of 77 tokens and input image sizes of 25MB.

The tool facilitates secure model customization, allowing companies to tailor images to align with their unique brand style using proprietary data. Moreover, Titan Image Generator supports image editing without the need for an image mask, both for existing and generated images. Users can also achieve variations in images by defining mask areas to remove or replace specific objects.

A full list of features for the Amazon Titan Image Generator is available on the company’s website.

Image Credit: Amazon

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