Restaurant-Transformed Eyewear Stores : cubitts 1

Local design studio EBBA Architects designs a new store for eyewear imprint Cubitts that draws inspiration from the original 1930s interior of the classic F Cooke restaurant located on London’s Broadway Market. The location served traditional cockney dishes including jellied eel, pie and mash, and more since the 1900s. The classic marble tables were designed with new legs that are made from stained birch plywood and function as a foundation to hold up eyewear display vases in a bright tone that matches the original wall tiles.

The studio’s founder Benni Allan explains to Dezeen that “The tables are original but we designed the legs to kind of make it feel like a new feature. The table has just been scrubbed up. Imagine how many nice pies have been eaten on that table. I think what’s nice is that everything below [the tables] has had this quite warm treatment to bring in a nice texture and tone, and then everything above is much lighter.”

Image Credit: EBBA Architects

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