Reid has no idea who Love is despite playing against him


Sooner or later, quarterback Aaron Rodgers will be traded to the Jets, leaving Jordan Love as the presumed starter for the Green Bay Packers. 

Love, 24, has made just one start in his three-year NFL career, against Kansas City in a 13-7 Week 9 loss during the 2021 season. Apparently, this was news to Chiefs HC Andy Reid, who inadvertently threw shade Love’s way at the NFL Annual League Meeting.

When asked about the young quarterback’s performance against Kansas City, the two-time Super Bowl champion seemed unaware of who Love was.

“Who’s that?” Reid replied, followed by a reporter repeating Love’s name.

Reid paused and admitted, “I’m trying to remember a Jordan Love.”

The reporter attempted to jog Reid’s memory by explaining the details of the game in which Love started after Rodgers tested positive for COVID-19.

“Oh yes, absolutely yeah — from what I remember, I thought he was good,” Reid said. 

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