Regeneratively Farmed Flour Sourdoughs : Puratos UK Sapore Sally

Puratos UK Sapore Sally has been announced by the bakery brand as a regeneratively farmed flour-based sourdough solution that’s locally sourced and sustainable. The sourdough is reported to have a creamy, tangy flavor profile that will elevate the flavor of any bread, while also helping to enhance the flavor of sourdough when used as a supplement. The flour used in the formulation is sourced from Wildfarmed, which comes from more than 100 farmers in the UK and France who use regenerative processes to improve soil conditions and farm biodiversity.

Marketing Director Philippa Knight commented on the Puratos UK Sapore Sally saying, “Consumer demand for traditional ingredients like sourdough shows no sign of slowing down, and the craving for natural, healthy breads is palpable. But we also need to look to the future and how we can lessen the impact that food production has on the environment. Sapore Sally is one such solution, acting as a springboard for more responsibly manufactured bakery products and offering customers and consumers ‘seed to sourdough’ transparency.”

Image Credit: Puratos UK

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