Refugee earthquake survivors in Türkiye: “Education is crucial for our children’s future”

Human Rights

Imagine your life is turned upside down twice in the last 10 years and you lose everything you have. This is what summarizes the situation of most refugees living in Türkiye.

The Syrian refugees left everything behind because of the civil war in Syria and fled to Türkiye to find safety and a better future. Then they tried to build a new life despite many challenges. However, the life they built was again buried under rubble in the February earthquakes, where more than 55,000 people died. Many feel that they do not have the strength to start again.

There is only 1 thing they think about now; to protect their children from the same destiny. Their main wish is to see their children receive a good education to enable them to have a better life than their parents.

Giving great importance to education in emergencies in countries facing conflicts and crises, since 2016 the EU has already been providing financial support for the most vulnerable refugee children in Türkiye to access formal and non-formal education programmes.

More than 160,000 children benefit from the Support for School Enrollment (SSE) programme. It is carried out in partnership with UNICEF, the Ministry of National Education, and the Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM).

*All the names are changed.

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