Reese’s Frozen Fruit Banana Slices

Golden West Food Group has teamed up with The Hershey Co. to create a bunch of new chocolate-covered fruit products, including the new Reese’s Frozen Fruit Banana Slices.

In an effort to provide consumers with the familiar flavors they love, but offer some more health-forward ingredients, Golden West Food Group and The Hershey Co. have combined their respective talents. The result is a new four-product lineup that combines frozen fruits with the Hershey brand’s signature candy coatings. The new offerings include the nutty Reese’s Frozen Fruit Banana Slices, the sweet Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme Frozen Fruit Strawberries, the snackable Hershey’s White Creme & Milk Chocolate Frozen Fruit Blueberries, and, lastly, Hershey’s White Creme & Milk Chocolate Frozen Fruit Raspberries.

All of the new Hershey’s Frozen Fruit products are available now exclusively from Walmart stores.

Image Credit: The Hershey Co.

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