Red labels on salty, sweet and fatty food not required during emergency


To allow a continuous supply of food to Israel, the Health Ministry will temporarily not enforce the marking of stickers with the red food symbol (for too salty, sweet or fatty products) and or the marking of mineral water bottles in Hebrew.

As a result, products of the same type may be found on the shelf, with some marked and some not marked with red and/or water symbols marked in the English and Hebrew languages. These instructions will be applied during this emergency only. 

Mineral and spring water bottles will be labeled in English as they are marketed in Europe and will meet all the requirements and provisions of the law, which include conditions for ensuring the safety and quality of the product, except for labeling in Hebrew. 

Breast milk has been prove to be more beneficial than baby formula. (credit:

It should be noted that if the mother is not breastfeeding, when preparing powdered formula for babies and toddlers, all types of water (including mineral water and spring water) must be boiled before preparation, This procedure is necessary all the time. 

What are some important labels to look out for?

The table of nutritional values will appear on the product label unchanged even though the red labels don’t have to appear now. 

Even at this time, the ministry recommends reducing the consumption of foods high in fat, sugar, and salt. 

If you find a defective bottle of mineral or spring water, you can submit a complaint to the Food Service at the Health Ministry by clicking

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