Protective High-Shine Haircare : mirrorball

amika’s Mirrorball High Shine + Protect Antioxidant Shampoo and Conditioner are an antioxidant-packed pair that’s been clinically proven to remove 57% of pollution buildup that makes hair and hair color look dull, all the while boosting shine by 45%. This protective, high-shine haircare duo is ideal for medium to fine hair types and it features signature ingredients from the brand like sea buckthorn, alongside other nourishing natural ingredients like grape leaf extract, raspberry extract and magnolia extract.

Both products provide a luxurious sensorial experience with the brand’s signature scent, a warm blend of vanilla spicy-sweet clover and uplifting citrus.

Over time, the accumulation of pollutants can leave hair looking lackluster, rough and lifeless. The impact of pollution on hair dullness is further exacerbated by other environmental stressors, and as a result, achieving and maintaining shiny hair has become a desirable beauty goal for many individuals.

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