Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down Grand Central, block NYT building


Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters were demonstrating on Friday in Midtown Manhattan, shutting down Grand Central Station, as well as vandalizing and chanting in front of the New York Times building, local media sources reported.

ABC and Fox reported that services at the terminal were extremely limited as a result of the demonstrations and that their previous destination, the NYT building, was vandalized with a red tint. They accused the newspaper of being biased towards Israel and chanted: “Children die, while you lie.”

In addition, the protesters scattered editions of a fake newspaper with the words “The New York War Crimes” written on it – which accused the media of “complicity in genocide” and called on the editorial board of the Times to publicly support a ceasefire. Also, the word “lies” was written across the doors of the Times headquarters.

The demonstrators protested for over an hour and read the names of thousands of Palestinians who they claim have been killed in Gaza, including at least 36 journalists whose deaths have been confirmed since the start of the war, according to Maariv.

People take part in a rally in support of Palestinians in Gaza, during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, outside the New York Times building, in New York City, US, November 9, 2023. (credit: REUTERS/David Dee Delgado)

Grand Central and Columbus Circle

The protesters then went to Grand Central Terminal afterward, where video footage shows some of them kicking and banging to get into the station. It can be seen below:


The rally, the ABC report stated, started at Columbus Circle with thousands marching to demand a ceasefire to Operation Swords of Iron. Protesters shouted: “No peace on stolen land.”

Police have made several arrests due to the protests, but do not have an exact number, ABC reported.

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