Premium Rowing Machines : Peloton Row 1

Peloton has announced the availability of the Peloton Row in Canada, following survey results that showed over 50% of Canadians are interested in using indoor rowing machines for exercise.

The Peloton Row, which is now on sale online and in Peloton stores across the country, offers a low-impact, full-body cardio and strength workout experience. It combines innovative software, premium hardware design, and exclusive content that are synonymous with the Peloton brand. The Row offers various features and content for all levels, including instructed rowing classes, row bootcamps, scenic rowing, and the option for self-guided workouts.

The Peloton Row comes with a 23.8″ HD swivel screen, personalized pace targets, electronically-controlled resistance, and vertical stowability for easy storage. The introductory offer price for the Peloton Row is $3,570 CAD until January 9, 2024, with financing options available. The Peloton Row is now available for purchase in all regions to which Peloton delivers in Canada.

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