Premade Alcohol-Free Gin Cocktails : Free AF Cucumber G&T

The Free AF Cucumber G&T has been showcased by the brand to coincide with International Gin & Tonic Day as the perfect alcohol-free option for consumers to pick up this season. The product is crafted with Afterglow, which is a 100% natural botanical heat extract to mimic the sensation of drinking alcohol but without causing inebriation or hangovers. The drink is also low in sugar, gluten-free and low in calories to make it perfect for consumers to try out during holiday celebrations or as an option for starting off Dry January in the new year.

Founder Lisa King spoke on the new Free AF Cucumber G&T saying, “I set out to develop a range of drinks that offer the taste and experience of alcoholic beverages without the alcohol content. One of the key aspects of Free AF Drinks’ approach is our range of alcohol free options. Whether it’s our new refreshing Cucumber G&T or our take on an Aperol Spritz, Free AF has something for everyone looking to enjoy a desirable and full-flavored beverage that still provides satisfactory taste, without the alcohol.”

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