Precision Fermented Eggs : precision fermented eggs.

Biotech company Formo develops animal-free dairy products using nature-identical milk proteins from precision fermentation, and it’s preparing to venture into—and disrupt—a new category with precision fermented eggs.

Although other types of precision fermentation products have taken off, Formo recognizes that introducing the public to precision fermentation eggs will not be without a challenge. A peer-reviewed study conducted by Formo in partnership with Singapore Management University surveyed 3,000 consumers from Germany, the United States and Singapore, finding that 51% to 61% of people would be open to trying the products. These acceptance rates are slightly lower than the 79% of consumers who say they’re willing to try cheese made with precision fermentation, and researchers attribute this to fermented alternatives being perceived as more processed in comparison to whole-food chicken eggs.

Formo is set to launch its flagship egg product, What Came Third, in late 2023.

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