Popsicle-Polish Crossover Collaborations : daily harvest 1

Daily Harvest, a novel sustainable food delivery company, ventures into a new territory with the launch of Pops, their inaugural product tailored for children. Marketed as ready-to-eat, allergen-friendly frozen popsicles, these delicious treats are meticulously crafted with six or fewer ingredients and contain less than eight grams of sugar.

Emphasizing health without compromising taste, each pop is a harmonious blend of fruits and vegetables. The USDA Organic Certified Pops come in three delightful flavors: Strawberry + Dragon Fruit, Mango + Passion Fruit, and Blueberry + Banana. Available through the Daily Harvest website and selected regional supermarkets, with plans for expansion into larger chains later this year, Pops is perfect for convenient and reliable nutrition on the go.

Along with the Pops, Daily Harvest is also collaborating with Tenoverten to release a trio of nail polishes that are inspired by the popsicle flavors.

Image Credit: Daily Harvest

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