Police caution: Strangers can easily steal information using NameDrop


Since the release of the iOS 17 update in September, Apple users have been introduced to a new and improved way of utilizing AirDrop through the NameDrop feature.

This allows conveniently sharing contacts by bringing two iPhones or Apple Watches close together.

However, a recent report by Forbes reveals that police officials in several US cities are cautioning citizens about this feature, recommending that it be deactivated. Furthermore, a TikTok video, which has garnered over 2 million views, claims that strangers can easily steal information using NameDrop, causing user concerns.

To put any anxieties to rest, it is essential to clarify that the NameDrop feature only activates when both users intentionally bring the top edges of their iPhones together. Once this connection is established, only a contact card containing an email address and phone number is displayed.

Notably, the transaction is automatically canceled if either user moves away during the transfer process. Random individuals cannot briefly cross paths with iPhone users and walk away with their personal information.

But what about the fear of “stealing” content?

Rest assured, photos or other files can only be transferred between devices if the user explicitly selects and initiates the transfer process. It is worth emphasizing that the feature is automatically enabled in the settings following the update. Still, it requires user consent every step of the way before sending or receiving any files.

For those still concerned and who wish to turn off the NameDrop feature, follow these simple steps:

Go to Settings > General > Tap on AirDrop > Turn off the “Close devices to each other” option. Users can also adjust their settings to allow contacts to find them on AirDrop within the same menu.

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