Plastic-Free Vegan Advent Calendars : The HAPPi Advent Calendar

The HAPPi Advent Calendar has received an update for the 2023 season to provide consumers with the perfect option to elevate their festive celebrations in a delicious yet vegan-friendly way.

The product comes with three flavors of the brand’s signature oat m!lk chocolates including Plain Milk, Salted Caramel and Orange to deliver a surprise each day during the month of December. Arriving in the UK for £15, the calendar has a 100% plastic-free packaging to allow for easy recycling in curbside pickup after use. The product is great for kids, but also adult-friendly to suit any consumer’s holiday traditions.

Founder Gavin Cox commented on the HAPPi Advent Calendar saying, “Our advent calendar proved hugely popular last year, but we felt we needed to keep our customers guessing a little more this festive season by introducing three different flavours. It was very important that our advent calendar continued to offer inclusivity with vegan chocolate, but also that we retained our plastic-free promise to meet demand for sustainable and ethical Christmas choices.”

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