‘Plagued with anxiety,’ Yael Shelbia wishes Omer Adam happy birthday


Omer Adam marked his 30th birthday in the company of IDF soldiers who serenaded him in celebration.

Now, it’s Yael Shelbia‘s turn to express her love and appreciation for him. Despite the unexpected turn of events due to the ongoing conflict, she spared no effort to ensure Adam’s happiness and bring a smile to his face.

Shelbia had initially planned for a romantic anniversary celebration in their beloved city, Paris. However, the situation in their country led to a change of plans. She organized a modest birthday gathering in their apartment, complete with a homemade cake and colorful balloons. In a heartfelt Instagram post, the model not only conveyed her emotions but also provided a glimpse into their drastically altered daily life:

‘Anxiety and fear have plagued me’

“My love, you’ve turned 30. Our plans have taken an unexpected turn, but the most important thing is having you by my side—safe and sound. Since October 7, anxiety and fear have plagued me. Nights filled with tears and sleepless moments, but you’ve always been there, holding me close, comforting me until I find solace in sleep. Each morning, you wake me up and remind me that it’s time to give our all and help others.

“Around the clock, you’re dedicated to serving others, from the moment you rise for your army duty to your interactions with soldiers, the wounded, and bereaved families. You witness and hear things that are beyond comprehension, yet you never falter in your mission to bring joy, music, and most importantly, a smile to their faces.


“I dream of lighting Shabbat candles together every Friday, kissing your forehead, and raising two children with you, without fear. My prayers are for your health, happiness, and the fulfillment of all your dreams. Please know that I’m yours, from the day we met until eternity. With the grace of God, we’ll experience brighter, happier days. Happy 30th birthday, my Omer. I love you.”

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